Lazarus Saturday (Vrbica) and working bee


We invite you to attend the Vespers service on Lazarus Saturday, 16th of April, and bring along your children. The traditional walk around the temple will be conducted afterwards and the kids will receive the bells and palm branches, in memory of Christ’s entrance to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday tomorrow.

The Divine Litugy, as customary for Lazarus' Saturday, will be served at 10am when the Holy Communion can be received.

The day before on Friday 15 April - being the public holiday - Fr Petar invites you to a working bee, so our church along with church grounds and hall can be cleaned and prepared for Easter. We will gather between 8-8:30am - but do come and participate spending any time you can spare; more people means less individual work, and more socializing.

Here’s how it usually looks like: