Farewell to friends


The students of our Serbian school have gathered to bid farewell to their friends Jovan and Vuk Jovanovic, in the pleasant atmosphere of a sport day. Vuk and Jovan are returning with their mum to reside in Serbia.

They both have been excellent and exemplary students in their regular school, as well as our weekly language school. All the children enjoyed the sunny Saturday morning - the plan was to play an important football game, however the ball went on the roof in the opening minutes.

Never mind - like all good friends, they continued playing. The grounds of our church were filled with children’s laughter.

The kids also enjoyed the lunch together. A loaf of bread and a jar of ajvar have disappeared in no time.

The time for the farewell and a final photo together has arrived soon.

We wish our friends and their wonderful mum Ivana a happy return to the fatherland, and all good from the Lord.