YouTube Instructions

Our church channel now streams services live.

Follow the these instructions to connect online if it is not possible to attend in person.

You can also watch past services, lectures and gatherings. FAQ Answers here.


Before the live broadcast starts, find a quiet home space and limit the distractions. An icon corner is ideal.

Light up a vigil lamp or candle

It is possible to purchase candles online to be lit by tutors during Divine Liturgy. Please check our online kiosk for cut-off time and other details.

Prepare any books to follow the service

You can download the Vespers, Matins, Akathist and Divine Liturgy responding booklet from our choir resources page.

Prepare an incense burner

Set up icons

Have a prayer rope handy

Set up flowers or other adornments

Have a chair ready if needed

Complete tasks and prayers you usually would before attending church

This includes all pre-communion prayers if you are attending Divine Liturgy.


Decide beforehand if you will use a laptop or stream on a bigger screen.

Go to our Youtube channel

Click the corresponding Youtube broadcast button on our Service Timetable page.

Choose the stream

This brings you to the Scheduled Broadcasts playlist. Choose the LIVE stream.

Dress respectfully

As you would in the church.

Stand when possible

As you would in the church.

Listen and pray with the clergy and the choir

You may find new meaning in this context. Our services are held in Serbian and Church-Slavonic, with occasional English or Greek chant.

In case of technology failure

Do not get impatient or angry. Resort to books and prayer. During Divine Liturgy, read the Epistle and the Gospel for the day.


After a service in these circumstances, it is valuable to have verbal interactions and give strength to one another.

Give thanks to the Lord

Give thanks to God that you have been given this means to worship Him. Give thanks for the priests offering divine services on your behalf.

Pray to the Lord

Pray to the Lord to deliver us from this pandemic and for those afflicted by it. After Divine Liturgy, complete the post-Communion prayers.

Contact family or friends

Greet and interact as you would after a service in the church.

Consider online donation

If you wish to thank the people providing this broadcasting service for you, please donate to the church online.