Talk with Fr Milorad Loncar


We talked with Fr Milorad Loncar, our Dean, about current pandemic and how it affects us, as we entered Dormition Fast. Hope you like it.

Fr Milorad has been a priest for over forty years, serving on four continents: in Australia, South Africa, France and US. Beside parish duties, he also held high-rank positions, most notable being Diocesean Secretary, Episcopal Deputy and Diocesean Prosecutor.

If there is an interest, we will caption the video for our English speaking parishioners - let us know on (help on translating and entering the text is welcome!)

  • Presenter: Nebojsa Stefanovich
  • Camera: Nikola Josevski
  • Audio post production: Milan Milicevic
  • Music: “It is truly proper” by the Choir of Holy Trinity Brunswick, conducted by Sava Djukic

Recorded in Melbourne, 15 August 2020.

Topics of the talk:

  • 01:20 Introduction
  • 03:20 Short biography
  • 04:17 About the fight of modern secular world with coronavirus
  • 07:34 About the position of the Church towards the current situation
  • 09:54 About the relationship between the Church and Australian government during the pandemic
  • 13:08 How can the parishioners fulfill their spiritual needs during the pandemic?
  • 19:30 About the frequency and mode of communion during the pandemic
  • 23:19 How should people handle the current situation?
  • 26:10 How to address the fear - both from the contagion and social restrictions imposed?
  • 32:35 What is the goal of broadcasting the services?
  • 35:11 About using the holy water, flour and oil during the pandemic
  • 37:01 How to pass the names for commemoration and lighting the candles using our site?
  • 39:53 Practical advice on Dormition Fast
  • 43:53 About mystical and personal relationship with God - how to meet the Lord in our hearts?
  • 48:09 End comments