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Dormition Fast

The Dormition Fast starts tomorrow, Friday 14th of August, and lasts for next two weeks, including the Feast day of Dormition of Most Holy Mother of God on 28th August when eating fish is allowed.

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Candle kiosk donations

We have received our first online donation at yesterday’s Liturgy, thanks to Cukanic family - may Lord plentifully return their kindness and support. Just a reminder to send your names for commemoration well before the Liturgy starts, so the priests have enough time to mention and include them during Proskomedia (Preparation of wine and bread for Eucharist).

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Youtube Services: Questions and Answers

Given we are in imposed isolation for at least some weeks and perhaps even - God forbid - longer, forcing us to gather in prayer to our Lord over the Internet instead in our church, here are the answers and recommendations of our priests on some questions and dilemmas arising from present situation.

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Bishop Siluan on recent breach of Coronavirus restrictions

Here’s a short summary of the communication Bishop Siluan has released to all parishioners and clergy: We believe everyone is aware that one of our Church units have been publicly exposed as breaching the current restriction on the number of people allowed to be present during services.

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Back to full broadcast schedule

We are back to broadcasting all the weekly services during the reinstated 3rd phase of restrictions. We all need more prayers in the current circumstances. We would be also covering an additional service this week - the Memorial Service to General Draza Mihailovich on Friday 17 July.

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Phase 3 COVID restrictions

Due to Phase 3 COVID restrictions imposed by the government, our church is again closed for the public until further notice. More information on our COVID page. We will broadcast today’s Akathist to Most Holy Mother of God.

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Nativity of St John the Baptist

Today we celebrate the Nativity of St John the Baptist. The Liturgy of Catechumens was broadcast on our YouTube channel; a number of parishioners managed to attend. Merry Slava to all who celebrate their family Patron!

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Vidovdan Celebration

Due to current coronavirus restrictions, we have celebrated our greatest national Feast, Vidovdan, in prayer and by attending the Divine Liturgy. After the Liturgy, Panikhida was served for all the defenders who gave their life for Serbian faith and fatherland.

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2020 Parish Herald archive is available

You can now access the Parish Herald archive for 2020. Simply browse and click on the edition snapshot in order to download the PDF here. We recommend the 19 April Easter special edition with several interesting articles inside, including a very popular 1990s youth lecture in English, by Archimandrite Alexis Rosentool of ROCOR Bombala monastery, NSW.

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Broadcast Schedule Change

As the anti-pandemic measures are gradually relaxed by the government over next couple of weeks, we will now reduce the frequency of the service broadcasts. From next week, we will NOT cover the Akathists on Thursdays and Vespers on Saturdays anymore.

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On Saturday, 6 June, we served the Pentecost Memorial Service in our church. In the continuation of the Divine Liturgy, Fr Milorad and Fr Petar held the Memorial Service, reading the names of our deceased parishioners and members of their families, submitted before the beginning of the service.

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Welcome to our Website

Dear brothers and sisters, Welcome to our new church site - it is still a work in progress; we will note here the updates as they unfold and the sections of the site are refined over following days and weeks.

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