Electronic record keeping


Please leave your name and phone number everytime you visit the church. The posters with instructions how to do it have been put up in the temple and the church hall. This electronic record keeping have been set up by our parishioners without using the government QR code service.

Your data is private and supplied only to the government bodies on request for contact tracing purposes, in case such a person who has been in contact with someone infected with coronavirus, visits our church. So far, this has not happened.

We have switched to electronic record keeping as it is a condition for maximum church capacity (150 visitors). This is important for the forthcoming Christmas and January holidays, where we expect a high number of participants at our services.

If you don’t know how to do this or you do not own a smartphone, ask tutors or younger parishioners for help, who will glady assist you and record your details on your behalf.

Тhe direct link to the entry form is here.

Scan the QR code to fill in the form.

Scan the QR code to fill in the form.