Christmas Celebrations


Finally, after months of pandemic restrictions, we have met in great number and celebrated the most joyous Feast of Feasts - the Nativity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

First, let us extend our sincere thanks to all who helped that the church property, hall and surroundings were clean, tidy and nicely decorated for this great Feast. It was nice to see the former and current community board members together at the same task, to the benefit of the parish as a whole.

The Vespers on Christmas Eve is tradionally one of the most participated services in our parish. The church was packed to the limit prescribed by pandemic restrictions.

Our thanks go to all the visitors for their understanding and patient waiting to enter the church, register in our electronic record keeping system and to light a candle, taking the sanctified badnjak (Yule Log branch).

After the vespers and badnjak sanctification, the priests have led the congregation to the ritual of burning of the badnjak in memory of Joseph lighting a fire from the wood gathered by the shepherds, in order to warm up the newborn Christ in the cold cave.

Let this flame of Christ’s love warm all of our parishioners in the forthcoming year.

Tomorrow, at Christmas Liturgy, a great number of parishioners have gathered to participate again.