The assembly report and the oath of the board


A month or so ago, on 14th of March, we held the Annual Church Community Assembly. Out of 90 members with paid membership fees, 57 were present and 25 written proxy forms have been submitted, giving us the quorum of 82 members eligible to vote.

After the prayer, confirmation of the quorum and the transcript of the previous year Assembly, Fr Milorad as presiding has submitted his report on the work done during the last year, covering the work of the clergy, the Community Board and all the auxillary organisations of the parish. Fr Milorad emphasised the following topics:

  • extending the services timetable (introduction of the Matins before the Liturgy on Sundays and Feasts)
  • continuous services in the church during the pandemic, via Youtube realtime broadcasts
  • regular weekly issues of Parish Herald
  • up-to-date website, Facebook page and Youtube channel
  • number of: weddings (1), Christenings (14) and funerals (11)

Fr Milorad has thanked the following donators and volunteers:

Donator-Volunteer Thanked for:
Ivo Martinovic $15,000 for the drinking fountain construction
Nemanja Jovic $6,470 in donations during pandemic
Tomica Petrovic gratis maintenance of church rental property
Maja Denic $1,200 for the tiles and labour in the laundry
Vladica and Dejan Petrovic $800 for the tiles
Branka and Vladimir Djordjevic $2,200 for Miomisic Martyrs icon
Petar Rila $1,200 for the Icon of Serbian Martyrs
Svetlana and Mile Jeremic $500 for the altar cross
Stefan and Filip Erakovic $4,000 for labour & materials on property maintenance
Slobodan Zivkovic and Branka Djorjevic flowers and gardening
Cvija Glogovac regular flower donations to the temple
Vera Kilibarda regular flower donations to the temple
Marija Domazet regular flower donations to the temple
Lepa Savic regular flower donations to the temple
Nikola Josevski realtime broadcasts, Facebook account
Nebojsa Stefanovich realtime broadcasts, website, Parish Herald

After Fr Milorad’s report, the individual reports were submitted by President Petar Damjanac, Treasurer Svetlana Jeremic, CSS President Cvija Glogovac, school representative Emilija Simic, folklore group representative Jelena Mihajlovic and pensioners representative Bosa Samardzic. Rade Vlajic has submitted the report on behalf of the Supervisory Board.

After short discussion, the reports were accepted by the Assembly, the Community Board formally dissolved and the new Board was voted in, based on the nominations submitted to the Nominations Board:

Name and Surname Responsibility
Fr Milorad Loncar Dean and the second parish priest
Fr Petar Damnjanovic First parish priest
Petar Damjanac President
Svetozar Mihajlovic Vice-President
Svetlana Jeremic Treasurer
Miljana Vlajic Secretary
Miladin Zivkovic Tutor
Vladimir Djordjevic Tutor
Vladimir Lukic Tutor
Milos Ristic Tutor
Sladjan Stankovic Tutor
Djordje Stojkovic Member, Choir Representative
Cvija Glogovac Member, President of CSS
Vesna Vukasin Member, School Representative
Bosa Samardzic Member, Pensioners' Representative
Nikola Josevski Member, Youth Representative
Dr Petar Pjesivac Member
Nikola Borovac Member
Nebojsa Stefanovich Member
Veselin Bradic Member, Supervisory and Nominations Board
Rade Vlajic Member, Supervisory and Nominations Board
Branka Djordjevic Member, Supervisory and Nominations Board

Finally, the Assembly formally adopted Parish Rules from the Metropolitanate Constitution, together with Local Rules that are binding in our Parish, and accepted solicitor Strahinja Pajic as legal representative of our Parish and Church Community.

On Sunday 11 April, after the blessing of Assembly decision by Bishop Siluan, the Church Community Board has taken the oath after the Liturgy, solemnly swearing to dedicated work governed by the Constitution of our Metropolitanate during its mandate.