From Christmas to St Sava


Dear brothers and sisters,

We have collected photos taken by our parishioners during the recent events occuring since Christmas. Hope you enjoy them!

Christmas Eve

Patriarchal Nativity Encyclical

Episcopal Nativity Encyclical

Christmas Day

The electronic version of special Herald Nativity edition available here.

The past printed version of the Herald are still available at our church for a small donation at tutor’s desk. They are full of spiritually uplifting contents and also chronicle the life of our small, but strong Christian community.

Support for Nole and asylum seeking detainees

Our parish was active during the recent disgraceful detention of Novak Djokovic, current tennis world number one and nine time Australian Open winner. Novak regularly visits our church when in Melbourne to participate in Orthodox liturgical and other services, and our priests were among the first to raise their voices against the maltreatment he suffered, being made an example because of his personal choice regarding COVID vaccines.

Our Dean Fr Milorad, with the blessing of Bp Siluan, has requested to pastorally visit Novak while detained, and was denied by the authorities. Fr Petar has conducted molieben in front of the centre as a way of spiritual support to Novak and to the other detainees who are languishing for years in this detention centre in the heart of Melbourne.

If anything good came out of this despicable saga, is that we learned with horror what our own Australian government has been doing to these defenseless people. Mehdi Ali’s was imprisoned as a boy of fifteen and nine years later, he is still jailed:

Please offer your prayers to our Lord to comfort Mehdi and his fellow sufferers, to soften the hearts and open the minds of our rulers so they can stop this abominable attack on human dignity at once.


St Sava

As customary every year, our schoolkids have celebrated their slava after the Vespers before St Sava Feast. After the evening service and consecration of the slava cake, the children has continued their celebration in the church hall with recitals and evening meal.