Lenten services in our church


The first of the week of the Great Lent in our church will be spiritually rich. The traditional reading of the Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete starts from 7pm on Monday to Thursday, and the Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts will be served Wednesday morning.

Day Time Service Details
Mon 7 Mar 7pm Reading of Great Canon
Tue 8 Mar 7pm Reading of Great Canon
Wed 9 Mar 10am Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts
Wed 9 Mar 7pm Reading of Great Canon
Thu 10 Mar 7pm Reading of Great Canon
Sat 12 Mar 10am Divine Liturgy (Theodore’s Saturday)
Sat 12 Mar 7pm Vespers
Sun 13 Mar 9am Matins
Sun 13 Mar 10am Divine Liturgy
Sun 13 Mar 6pm Lenten Vespers and Lecture

Finally, we will have the Liturgical, Vespers and Matins services over the weekend, the highlight being the spiritial lecture by Fr Milan Milutinovic named “The Christian at the Court of Law”.

Fr Milan will analyse the earliest known legal document of Roman Empire that refers to the treatment of Christians in the court. We will analyse how the conflict between pagan Roman Empire and Christianity developed, what were the roots of the problem, and what implications and parallels we find in the treatment of Christian religion in contemporary society of today.

NB: The services and the lecture will be held in Serbian. Click on the links below to download the PDF of the services schedule.

March 2022 services schedule in our church

The Great Lent 2022 services in Victoria