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Holy Constantine and Jelena

(icon from Jezhevica monastery) Tomorrow is the Feast of Holy Emperor Constantine and Jelena. Vespers service is tonight at 6pm, then Matins tomorrow at 9am and Divine Liturgy at 10am.

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Pentecost Memorial Service

Оn Saturday before Pentecost (6 June), we will serve the Liturgy starting at 10am and continuing with panikhida (the Memorial Service) for all the departed parishiones or members of their families, whose names have been given to us already or brought to us on Saturday.

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Welcome to our Website

Dear brothers and sisters, Welcome to our new church site - it is still a work in progress; we will note here the updates as they unfold and the sections of the site are refined over following days and weeks.

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The Church Slava

Dear brothers and sisters, We will celebrate our Slava, the Feast of Holy Trinity: the Descent of Holy Spirit upon the Apostles (Pentecost) - on the actual Feast day: Sunday, 7 June.

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