From Easter celebrations to lockdown


Dear brothers and sisters,

After celebrating Easter, St George and St Basil of Ostrog feasts like we usually did over the years, we are again harshly reminded that this last year and a half is extraordinary in our parish life on many levels.

As we are bearing the brunt of another lockdown, let us remind ourselves that this will also pass by sharing some photos of the services and events between Easter and this current lockdown.

The highlight of this joyous Easter season is surely the charity concert organised by our wonderful Anja on 23 May, when we have collected over $8,000 for our compatriots still holding firm at our sacred lands of Kosovo and Metohija - see photos and a short video below.

For the duration of the lockdown, we will broadcast all services on our YouTube channel - check the programmer for this week here. Please don’t hesitate to call your priests for any spiritual needs - by definition, pastoral care is care and caregiving, and therefore is a valid reason for travel during lockdown.

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“Anja & Zlatna” Charity Concert